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Logistics (is a science, the subject of which is to organize a rational process of moving goods and services from raw material suppliers to consumers, the operation of the circulation of products, goods, services, inventory management and provisions, creation of goods movement infrastructure)


Additional services


 Marking goods


is an important aspect of trade that takes an informative function. Marking can tell you a lot about the product: the country of manufacture, best before date, ingredients, main characteristics and features, and many more.

If originally the packaging itself only carried information about the due date, the amount of important information on modern packaging has increased considerably.

Product labeling is compulsory now days. In accordance with the legislation the majority of goods requested to be labeled in a certain way.

Often labeling applied to protect the products from forgery or in order to inform about the special characteristics (eg durability) and competitive characteristics of the product.


 Repackaging of goods (co-packing)


to attract the attention of buyers, increase sales, introduce a new product using a variety of marketing tools, including co-packing takes a special place.Currently, this method gained popularity in the pre-sales preparation of goods, because co-packing contributes to the rapid advancement of the product, with no influence (increase or decrease) on the suggested retail price.

We offer co-packing services to our clients. This service includes the packaging and repackaging of goods, the formation of combined orders, labeling and stickering, promo-packaging (promo units, packaging, enclosure of flyers, coupons).




Product Stickering


Product Stickering – is a compulsory retail preparation procedure regulated by legislation.

Stickering not only facilitates further sorting and processing of goods in stock, but subsequently gives consumers the necessary information, increasing consumer (characteristics (awareness хочется сказать) and competitive advantages of your products.

In accordance with the request your goods can be stickered with packaging labels with various information of your choice.